Friday, July 20, 2012

The Netherlands -- Beautiful!

AT FIRST, I somehow thought I could include our entire two week vacation to England, Scotland and Amsterdam into one post. But it's impossible to whittle down two weeks into a mere few photos.  And who would want to, right?

We spent two full days in and around Amsterdam.  And I mean FULL days.  We took a bus tour that took us to the countryside just outside of Amsterdam.  This was where we found the beautiful windmills that, in my mind, had previously only existed in photos.  And there they a dream.
To get to the windmills, we got to walk around the cozy Dutch homes that were oh so picture worthy.  We never did figure out what type of animals these were, grazing so gently in the green, green pasture. 

It's funny how you see details in a picture after you get home.  I hadn't noticed the finials on each end of this roof.  There was just so much to look at and take in.

Like the front door of the house with the finials.  I can zoom in and see there's actually a picture above the door.  I love it!

These are the backs of their houses, complete with a topiary and miniature canal!

Wooden shoes! 

More wooden shoes, still drying.  On this bus tour, we were just a few among about 50 people walking along and trying to stick together.  I managed to maneuver in and out of people, often times trailing behind, to take all of the above photos without any people in them!  Until this one, I see the tops of some heads here.

This lady demonstrated how they make the shoes.  What I like are the steps they show on the post next to her  In the beginning there's a single block of wood and in the end, an actual wearable shoe.

And voila! They made it to a gift shop in Amsterdam!  Sooo many beautiful designs to choose from...


  1. Was the place that had the windmills Kinderdijk? Looks like it and I know that is the spot with the most number of windmills left in the country. We got to go inside one where people still lived on the lower level. Pretty cozy quarters. Europeans love flowers. I love seeing the many flowers displayed everywhere and the gorgeous flower markets. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Michelle.

    1. Hello Nancy! I wish I could remember the name of the area where we were with the windmills, it was just outside of Amsterdam. They mentioned how there aren't nearly as many windmills left as there used to be. I agree, the flowers were beautiful! Hollyhocks seemed to grow wild among the buildings in Amsterdam.


  2. Hi Michelle,
    I could be right at home within the pics your share. I love the little cottages and the details. Everything is beautiful. The flowers are such a joy to see with ours just hanging on in this heat.
    Love seeing the wooden shoes too. They have been a favorite of mine to paint when I find vintage styles. What a fabulous trip.
    The windmills are just awesome.
    Thank you for sharing all your fun.

    Happy Painting and Creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Thanks, Celestina Marie! You're right, it was nice to see the flowers looking so bright and happy! Ours are barely hanging on as well.

      I wanted to bring a bag full of wooden shoe 'rejects' home so I could paint on them myself, but we only had so much room in our suitcases!

      Take care,

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Great to discover your blog.
    Must have been a wonderful trip and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos.
    The windmills, flowers and the wooden clogs are lovely.

    Happy week