Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amsterdam -- Gorgeous!

At the end of our two week trip to Britain we were so excited to spend two days in Amsterdam.  I wasn't totally sure what to expect.  I expected water canals, but I had no idea just how beautiful they would be.  I expected bikes, but I was completely shocked at HOW MANY there were.The flowers were gorgeous and they were an unexpected surprise in such a huge city.  But I just couldn't get over the leaning buildings.  It's as if they're leaning together just to keep eachother up.  Look at the windows on the red building.  How are they doing that?


A parking garage for bikes!  There were bikes everywhere.

I love how there's a kid's seat on this one.  And a place for the feet.  I wish I could've seen this one in action.

Such a busy city.  One bike lane is on the right, another over there on the left and the road is in the center.  But the road is also where the trolly drives.  The cars share the road with the trollies.  Crossing the road took bravery and precision. 

So yummy.

I could've stood here all day....


  1. When we were in Amsterdam, our tour director warned us. "Watch out for the killer bikes," she said. They do seem to be everywhere, but in Paris we saw scads of motorcycles!

  2. Amsterdam is a great city, lot's of everything... I live in the east of the Netherlands, and when we visit Amsterdam, we use our bikes too. For us, there's a lot of trafic, but it's a great way to see Amsterdam.
    If you ever visit the Netherlands again, come to see our part of the country... take a bike and go thrue the woods and see the meadows, farms... and drink a cup of tea with me! :-))

  3. Oh, I would love to go back! We were only there two days and it wasn't nearly enough. But at least we saw the windmills, something I never imagined I would ever see in my lifetime! And I can only imagine it would be so beautiful traveling by the meadows and beyond. The bikes in Amsterdam were unbelievable -- what an experience! I'm so glad we were able to visit, even if it was such a short time.

  4. Oh gosh, how I would love to live within walking distance of the county fair. You are so lucky!!! Mmmmm, I'll be you could smell the funnel cakes at your home! Thanks for visiting and following, and I hope to visit with you again soon!

  5. I am following you, what a trip!!!