Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Showers...and May Showers...

RAIN is the word of the day around here lately.  Last summer it was a drought, this spring we're swimming in the puddles of our backyards.  But how can I complain when we get results like these? 
These beautiful photos were taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens last week.  I like to think of it as my home away from home.  I'm a member of the gardens now, so of course I feel like I'm part owner.  Which, I'm sure, makes me partly responsible for these lovely grounds.  Right?  (Don't you love how my logic works?) 

I still have these little rain boots my son wore years ago. I just can't get rid of them!  I'll do something crafty with them and show you when I'm finished.

If you can see the people sitting behind the tulips they are all artists.  That was so nice they came to visit my gardens on the same day I was there. 
Here's a closer look, they don't mind. 
 Back at home, I've been so excited to see my Amsterdam tulips blooming!  I brought these back last summer and planted them on Thanksgiving Day.  And 'poof!', like magic they explode into these beautiful bursts of color. 
 I brought a few in and they bloomed until the petals folded backwards!  They're finished blooming now, but only for awhile, they'll be back again next year.  And I'll be waiting.

I should add that I'll be on vacation soon.  I'll be back in business and ready to go (painting, of course!) on May27th.  For those that don't know, I have a 2nd Etsy  I create lovely pendants from images.  A few are my own design, such as this one...  
Perfect for the beginning of summer, wouldn't you say?  The hummingbird flying dreamingly (think 'summer afternoons') in the background is from one of my original paintings.  Each of these pendants are $14, but unfortunately while I'm on "vacation mode" on Etsy you won't be able to see them.  Be sure to come back on the 27th and until then, have a dreamy, summer-afternoon kind of May!