Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make Your Own Chalkboard

I loved making this chalkboard and it was oh so easy, too!  (This article was also featured in the Spring and Summer 2011 issue of the Shabby Lane Shops magazine.)

I found this cabinet door at a yard sale and noticed right away it was the perfect size for a chalkboard.  The surface was great too...nice and smooth for writing lists, menus, doodling.  Whatever makes you happy!  The edges also had the look of a built-in frame which I really liked.  I was able to finish off the sides with a different color to give it the look of a frame without having to actually frame it.

These are the supplies I used...
-          Cabinet door (or you could use another smooth, flat surface)
-          Chalkboard paint
-          Acrylic paint color(s) of your choice
-          Paint brushes
-          Primer
-          Varnish

Since I worked with a wooden surface, I lightly sanded the work area so the paint would adhere easily.  After wiping it clean I primed the entire surface.  Now on to the blackboard paint, applying a few coats and allowing each coat to dry in between.

 I trimmed the edges of my cabinet door with a red and brown acrylic paint mix.  When dry, I used a dry brush and lightly painted red to add highlights.
I thought it would be a little more fun to add some wording at the top.  "Menu" fit the kitchen theme I was going for.  (I found a font on WORD I liked.)  Other wording examples could be “To Do”, “Notes”, "Dream" or you can even personalize with children’s names. 
When all paints were completely dry I applied a couple of coats of varnish to the edges where I added the acrylic paint.
You can ever create chalkboards on tiny surfaces, like this chalkboard tag I made from wooden circles I found at Michael's craft store.  So easy!  Then I added an extra touch by painting tiny roses.
But I made the mistake of hanging it by Lucy.  Our fierce kitty doesn't let anything get by her!
Yep, she loves it!