Friday, March 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

My little hand painted Easter Bunny pendant.  He's so sweet and leads us right into spring with his smile.  He knows warmer weather is coming, I can tell.
We did have snow the other day.  A LOT of snow, by our standards.  Ten to twelve inches.  I love the way it melted through the holes of our patio furniture.

We started feeding the birds on our patio this winter.  I have to admit, it was just as much for Lucy as it was for the birds.  She's an inside cat but the closer I throw the seed to the house, the happier she is.

My second sure sign of spring. These are the tulips I brought back from our trip last summer to Amsterdam. If I could only bring one thing home from Holland it would be a tulip bulb.  But luckily for me, I was able to bring back four bags :). I shared one bag but kept the rest for myself! I couldn't resist, I'm weak. Their colors remain a mystery. These should be either white or pink.  But as long as they bloom I'll be oh so happy.
Ducks!  These were our visitors today.  Or I should say, only two of many that roamed around our yard and neighborhood.  There's a pond down the street so spring usually brings the excitement of ducks into the yard.  I wonder if any will have a nest by our house?  I'll have to take photos of the turtles this year. They come every spring and I'm sure they'll be coming around again next month.  Last year we had four turtles lay eggs in our yard.  We still can't figure out why they like it here so much.  Did you notice our snow is pretty much gone?  Twelve inches on Sunday and by Friday it disappears!  Just in time for Easter and Easter egg hunting.  Happy Spring!