Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Snow Man
Ohhh, the weather outside is... yes, snowy!  Or at least it was snowy last week.  13" of it in one day.  Time to stay inside and drink hot chocolate.  Yum!
Oh sure, it was beautiful to watch it come down...and down...and down.  All of that snow inspired me.  It inspired me to paint this snowman pendant.  He's a cute little snowman, I can wear him all winter long!
This was the view from our front door.  It was early and I still had my robe on, so I wasn't about to go out any farther than just opening the door.  A few snowflakes blew in, our indoor cat loved it.
Here's the back yard.  The small square at the bottom left side is a bird feeder we put out on Christmas Day.  The birds still haven't found it yet, and I was pretty sure they weren't going to find it that day either.

I can't believe how much snow this little bush can hold!  Sure, there was a little drifting, but still.  LOTS of snow out there.  And cooold (brrr) too, below 0 degrees.  Did you notice the little bird prints on top of the bush?  (Now how often can I ask that question?)
We noticed birds in the front yard looking for food, so we threw a little bird seed out that way as well.  Actually, we threw a lot of bird seed out there.  Check out all of the bird footprints left behind.  Wow.
The snow has melted now, except for a few little piles here and there.  But I still have my snowman pendant, he'll never melt.  Even after I bake him!  (haha, I always bake my pendants after I paint them :)