Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting the Studio Newspaper Ready

It's one of those rare times when my studio is cleaned up and everything I'm working on is put away.  I had to grab some photos before it was too late and the clock struck midnight, back to the way it was.  The Belleville News Democrat, a local newspaper, contacted me to do a feature about my hand painted pendants.  Woohoo!  This is the first time my pendants will be featured in a newspaper.  (Yay!) 

The article should come out in a couple of weeks or so.  The feature writer, Suzanne Boyle, stopped by last week to ask a few questions.  It was a lot of fun to chat with her.  
She brought a photographer along as well.  Wow, I had never been photographed while painting!  He took so many pictures, far away, close up, and oh so close up on my painting hand and brush while I was working. 

I found some old frames stashed away for a rainy day.  I tied string onto a few nails I hammered along the sides, then had fun hanging pictures with tiny little clothespins.  I hung copies of some of my mini paintings and commissioned jewelry pieces I had done in the past.
It's so fun to create these mini paintings.  Some are watercolor and some are acrylic.
 This is my new cardinal pendant I was painting when the photographer was here.  I looove this new tray/bezel. So pretty.

Speaking of things I love, check out the shadows on the wall I noticed the other day.  We actually had some sun (and not snow)!  I was so excited.  This was in my bedroom and I didn't have to think twice to grab my camera.  I climbed right up to it and took way too many photos.

Adding one more thing to the list of things I love...I found these tiny magnets in a drawer the other day.  I had forgotten all about them (another rainy day item!), but I knew my daughter would have fun with them.  When I walked back into the room this is what I found that she wrote about me.  Sooo sweet!

 Happy Valentines Day!!