Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween, Happy Fall!

Happy Halloween!  I've been hangin' on to this photo since last summer when we went to Six Flags, St. Louis.  It's from a poster, advertising their Fright Fest for this month.  Don't you love it?!

Ahh, fall.  I've been going through some photos on my camera and phone and I'm posting a few here.  This is a beautiful walk in one of the parks in our town.  I couldn't resist taking pics of the berries.  I'm glad I had my camera. 

Works-in-progress.  I'm trying to remember to take more of these types of photos.  The "drink me" bottle  was a little painting I made for my daughter's birthday/Halloween party invitations.

Rainy day, but I'm still taking pictures of the great backyard makeover.  This was taken from the back door (because I'm a big baby and didn't want to get wet). You can see the neighbor's garage in the background.  I love when those huge burning bushes start turning red.  We had a fire going in the fire pit a couple of nights this fall.  It's great to get more use out of the backyard.

I found a photo of Lucy kitty.  You THINK she wants you to pet her when she's laying like this, and it's sooo hard to resist.  But cat owners know better. :)

And what would Halloween be without a raven?  This was a fun (and scary) one I painted this year!

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  1. It's always such fun to 'peek' into your studio! Your artwork, as always, is just lovely. So happy that you are enjoying your new backyard this Autumn. Wishing you a Happy Halloween! ♡